SW Onshore at Hatteras Turnout (UPDATED)

Yesterday, with strong SW wind and no waves on the east facing beaches, we decided to try side onshore conditions at Hatteras Turnout. This is a cardinal sin for some of the anonymous posters to this blog as well as Emo, but with absolutely nothing on the east facing beaches and head high sloppy sets south, we decided to go for it. Caleb, Jim, and I along with some downwinding kite crews had fun in the side-on slop! Lots of big jumps, attempts at down the line hits without getting backwinded, a couple of loops, backside wave aerials, and a few long swims in the impact zone made for a fun Tuesday late afternoon/early evening. I rigged 4.7m and was well powered both in the impact/current zone as well as outside.

All in all, a fun time for some good ole' Hatteras on-shore conditions. Classic stuff, I normally do not sail, but given that the east beaches had nothing in the form of a wave, it was nice to deal with our buddy, Mr. Whitewater!

GoPro Video Report:


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