Computer Forecasts Right On!

click to enlargeThe computer forecasts from WindGuru and IWS were both right on regarding wind speeds and timing. Today the 20+ mph SW winds filled in around 2:00pm. Wave sailors were on the water at the southern end of Ocracoke, Cape Point near Hatteras Lighthouse, and Ego Beach across from Canadian Hole. Jim M, Mark S, and I were the crew enjoying the waist to chest high surf at Cape Point. I was the first to arrive and was on the water by 2:00pm. With a 5.3m rigged, I sailed non-stop though 4:30pm as the wind speeds increased into the low 30s mph range. Jim and Mark joined me around 3:00pm and we all enjoyed the waves breaking on the outside bar. Water temperature was cooler than the day before, but was still comfortable in the mid-50s.

click to enlargeOn Ocracoke, Caleb was the only one to make the ferry ride. He reported small surf conditions and strong winds. Dana sailed Ego Beach along with another sailor. All in all, a fun day for wavesailing. Perhaps if the wave size would have held from the day before, it could have been the best of the year so far, but for Saturday, March 3...not too bad!

More photos:

Don Wrenn from Kernersville, NC heading out at Ego Beach

Dana M at Ego Beach

Dana M on a wave at Ego Beach

Sunset on Hatteras Island after an afternoon of wavesailing