Hatteras Hot Spots

No, not night clubs such as Kelly's or Outer Banks Brew Station, but rather places to find a wireless internet connection on the islands. I received an email today noting that there was not much information available via a Google search regarding wireless hotspots on the OBX and specifically in Hatteras. Since the Spring windsurfing migration is approaching many visiting sailors, friends, and family members will likely be interested to bring a laptop along.

Here are a few wireless hotspots I know if you need to connect to post that new Hatteras YouTube windsurfing video edited in your vacation house:
- HISS Sailing Site in Waves
- Ride Hatteras in Avon
- The coffee shop next to Sailworld in Avon
- Some vacation rental houses, though surprisingly not many (at least last year...)

If you know of any other OBX wireless locales, feel free to post as a comment.

The PN-820 displaying IWS real time wind readings on the OBXRegarding wireless access from the beach, I think you will need one of these. The PN-820 Broadband Smartphone now offered from Verizon Wireless includes Windows Mobile OS. The IE Web browser loads IWS wind sensor graphs and maps quite nicely! Now, no matter where on the OBX, I can get a wind fix as well as real-time satellite and radar maps to avoid the rain and find the sunshine! The clamshell design and lack of keyboard keeps the size small for toting in a pant pocket. No holsters in Hatteras! Though you will need an IWS membership account to get the real-time wind reports.

The PN-820 displays the IWS overall wind map.
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