A Fine Dining Loss on Hatteras Island

All winter rumors abounded whether Austin Creek Grille would reopen in 2007. The fine dining establishment and adjoining bakery, at Hatteras Landing next to the ferry docks, closed for the winter as most businesses do on the southern OBX. Reports surfaced in February that it would not be reopening and the space was to be replaced by Dirty Dick's Crab House, a local restaurant chain on the islands.

Lauren and I were especially interested since our wedding reception was held at Austin Creek in October 2005. We were hoping for another dinner or two there this year. Unfortunately, the rumors are true and Austin Creek Grille is now a piece of Hatteras history. The restaurant will be replaced by Dirty Dick's. Quite a shame since the space quite suitably fits a fine dining establishment as compared to a "tourist trap" restaurant and t-shirt shop.

All in all, we will miss the Wasabi Crusted Tuna with a Hoisen barbecue glaze, the Austin Creek Spinach Salad - with Red Wine Poached Pear, Granny Smith Apple, Red Onion, Caramelized Pecans & Crumbled Bleu Cheese with Hot Bacon Dressing, and many other excellent choices offered.

A view of dinner and the marina directly outside A view inside the resturaunt Another resturaunt view

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Lauren and I on our special day at Austin Creek Grille, October 1, 2005