March Round Up

click to enlargeWinter 2007 has been generous for windsurfing. I have more days marked in the calendar, spanning Dec (06), Jan, Feb, and March, then all years I have been tracking. March has been a great month with only a lull in the action during the third week. Considering I had a few "Missed It" entries and only track 5.3m and down conditions, there were likely even more sailable days!

Yesterday, I did some Lake Atlantic (no waves) cruising in south Nags Head. A big board, big fin, and my 5.3m provided plenty of power in the 18 gusting to 24 mph south wind. If there was only some surf on the outer bar, it would have been awesome!

Hopefully, April will load up the calendar with a number of fun sessions...though few if any labeled "Missed It!?"