Poll Results and New Poll Question

Poll Results:
What is your opinion on beach nourishment?
Not a good idea: 17 votes (52%)

All for it: 7 votes (21%)
Not sure if I am for or against : 7 votes (21%)

Honorable Mention: Other - "Can't we just create a reef composed of FEMA trailers instead?"

The results show that most believe "Beach Nourishment" is a bad idea. This sentiment is in line with Nags Head residents who voted on Tuesday against beach nourishment. Interesting that the blog poll results reflected how the majority of Nags Head residents voted.

- OBX Sentinel - "Sand Tax Fails to Pass in Nags Head"
- See the "unofficial" results posted by Dare County
- See local points of view on results of the vote reported at the Outer Banks Real Estate blog

This week's poll is specific to this blog. A few weeks ago I implemented a feature called "Snap Shots" which pops up a window displaying a preview of the web page for any given link on the blog. I wanted to get your feedback on this feature whether you find it useful or should it be banned?!