Two Words... White Water!

whitewater as far as you can see... not too enticing - click to enlargeDay Two of the heavy NE wind event struck hard today. All east facing beaches were awash in sea foam and spray as the 40+ mph gale blew from dawn until dusk. Vulnerable areas along Rt 12 were closed to traffic as Hatteras Island was cut off along Pea Island, north of Rodanthe due to ocean overwash during high tide and drifting sand. Ocracoke Ferry traffic was halted as of yesterday afternoon. All in all, some intense early May weather here on the Outer Banks.

no water at Jockey's Ridge - click to enlargeI did not contemplate windsurfing today since the ocean (east facing beaches) would have been a suicide mission, and the sound was devoid of water at Jockey's Ridge. The winds too remained steady in the 40+ mph range all day requiring the smallest of windsurfing gear. Given my run yesterday overpowered on the 3.7m, I decided to remain dry and fill a complete work day. I did make a recon run at lunch to snap a few photos around Nags Head.

Here are some photos from today:

Nags Head Fishing Pier amongst the heavy whitewater

Jennette's Pier in south Nags Head riding above the soup

The Comfort Inn in south Nags Head, sand bags taking a beating

A private beach access walkway down to the whitewater

Jockey's Ridge requiring a hike out to find water in the sound. Those little dots are people out there walking at the waterline