Its Memorial Day Weekend

a perfect Hatteras sunsetIts that first weekend of summer when the grilles fire up and folks enjoy some outdoor activity. The long weekend provides an extra day for most to enjoy time off work and/or school. Its a time for driving to weekend getaways, and of course a time to think and pay tribute to our fallen soldiers present and past.

This weekend on the OBX, friends are in town and we decided to fire up the grille. After a day of kiteboarding and warm beach weather, the posse headed to our place for burgers, dogs, steaks, brews, and cake. It was a fun evening of hanging out and reminiscing about the past few days of kiteboarding, as well as what is upcoming. The forecast looks promising for SW every day though Monday; therefore, anyone here on the OBX for kiteboarding should be in for a fun time! From the windsurfing front, we may tap some sailable winds during the early evening hours, but I have my kite gear loaded in the truck this weekend.

Some photos:

Its a learning day, and where better to learn kiteboarding then the OBX

Packing up after a day of kiteboarding in Hatteras

The crew enjoying an evening cook out at our place