Two Days of SW Loop Practice

Day Two at Salvo Ramp.  No waves, but fun windswell for loop practice! - click to enlargeOver the past two days, the OBX has been blessed with strong late afternoon SW winds. Perfect work week wind since I can remain on the clock most of the day and still catch the best part of the session before sunset. Thursday, I was off the clock around 5:30pm and decided to check Jockey's Ridge. The IWindsurf wind meter there reported the strongest winds on the OBX in the mid to upper 20 mph range. The ocean was/is flat for wavesailing, so I decided to take a loop practice session in the sound. I had the spot to myself after the kiteboarders packed up, and the sound-side swells were lined up nice for both port and starboard forward loop hits! It was a little different than looping in the ocean since the swell is naturally smaller in the sound, but there were many opportunities on both tacks to take a spin! Whereas on the ocean, it is primarily one tack for loop attempts. I rode my 5.3m and was well powered on the sound while vacationers packed Jockey's Ridge's highest sand dune to watch the sunset.

Caleb packing up from Friday's session at Salvo - click to enlargeFriday, Caleb called and reported SW winds building at the Salvo Ramp. I was on the road heading south by 4:30pm and was on the beach by 5:15pm. Winds were just shy of powered 5.3m, but I rigged anyway. After about 30 minutes the SW filled in and Caleb and I were well powered on the outside. There were no waves to ride, so it was a pure loop fest on the outside. The wind swell was noticeably larger than on the sound the day before, and launches off the bigger ramps felt great while in the spin. Though, I did experience more back slaps then usual. Also, being out in trunks only, my back was pretty red by the end of the session. Focus on more sail and less body to drive the rotation is my goal. Though with the larger ramps, I did make it around and land/sail out of a few, clean! Caleb still has to work on his initiation into the loop by putting everything forward instead of back, but he is trying!

End of another beautiful Outer Banks day in June.