Along for a Ride at Hatteras Turnout

Today, NE winds ramped up across the OBX, and I had my first chance to test out the new GoPro Hero video camera. I attached it to my mast just above the boom. It worked well for filming the rider (me), but on opposite tacks, it pointed at the sky. I also tried mounting it on my ankle, but unfortunately by that time, my SD card was full.

Conditions were NE in the mid 20s mph range. Water was warm in the mid 70s and air temps were "brisk" for June. Jim, Keith, Martine, and I sailed in choppy wind swell. Waves were small on the inside. Perhaps tomorrow the swell will build, and wrap to produce ridable surf on the southern beaches. Hopefully more NE wind too?!

All in all though, here is the GoPro video. Note, for some reason the sound was full of static so I had to dub music rather than leave the narration. You can probably tell that I am talking to the camera...I attempted an on the water report, but the sound did not turn out. Perhaps next time!