Surfs Up at Nags Head Pier

Today, we had some fun easy surf on the OBX. The low pressure system which brought the large waves seen in the previous post, generated a lasting ground swell which produced surf today. I paddled out north of Nags Head fishing pier for the first time this year. The set waves were breaking on the outer bar, therefore it was a long paddle out past the end of the pier. Once there, large but gentle lines produced fun longboard rides. The shore pound on the inside was meaty, but once you were outside, it was quite serene. Excellent OBX surf for June!

I had the GoPro Hero and caught some surfing action; however, the batteries were low and most of the shots I "thought" I had did not make it. Here is a short clip of some of what I did capture, though other shots I thought I had would have really showcased the action. New batteries are now loaded, so until next time...stay tuned!