Poll Results and New Poll Question

Poll Results:
What new stuff would you like to see on this blog?
Video Commentary/Reports: 16 votes (34%)
Local Sailor Interviews: 14 votes (30%)
Other: 7 votes (15%)
  • more pics of the wife in a mono kini
    (well... not sure regarding this one?!)
  • Babes!
  • more women!
  • Wipeouts
  • Video of the action!
  • surfing
  • more local interest stories and personal life info
Video commentary/reports is the predominant choice followed closely by local sailor interviews. Future posts will feature more video clips of beach side commentary and sesh talk with the local crew, along with the water side action.
There were a few votes for more babes! I am, or I should say, Caleb is always on the lookout; however, often when the sand is blowing waist high across the beach, the babe count diminishes as compared to glassy no wind regular surf sessions. August is a prime month for surf as the tropics heats up, so perhaps there will be some more beach side babe action to complement what's happening on the water. Stay tuned!

This week's poll asks about your competitive side. Have you ever competed in a windsurfing contest? Plans are currently underway for the first annual, or perhaps semi-annual Hatteras Wave Challenge. Modeled after the Florida Wave Challenge, the Hatteras event will be held during the prime wavesailing months of the Spring and Fall seasons. Look for the first event tentatively scheduled for May, 2008. More information including an event web site coming soon.