The End is Near...

click to enlarge...to the summer tourist season on the OBX!

For some, including myself, it is a blessing since traffic will ease, the grocery stores will no longer have long lines at the cashier, restaurant wait times will diminish, beach access parking will be ample, and access to the islands will no longer be jammed for 10 miles on Saturday afternoons! Also, scenes of 2WD vehicles stuck in the sand will subside.

Of note, please see the photo with this post, and remember if you have a regular 2WD vehicle, make every effort to keep it out of the OBX sand. It will get stuck. Also, for those who drive their 4WDs along the ocean water line, be sure to completely flush the underside of your truck with fresh water. Though I would recommend not intentionally driving your car though salt water. It looks exciting in the Jeep TV commercials, but the people driving those vehicles do not "own" them. Every time I go down to Oregon Inlet in the summer, I see people driving their trucks at the ocean waterline. Unwise unless, I guess, the vehicle is a rental?!

All in all, there are about three weeks until Labor Day weekend when the end of the summer tourist season "officially" occurs. At that time, OBX summer life is at its best for the local and "off season" visiting crowd. Sunny skies, warm weather/water, fun surf, and wind! Hey, the fish start biting too! Ahhh, my favorite time of the year!