Until Next Thursday...

This seems to be the adage here on the OBX. Every week has seen the return of SW winds on Thursday and Friday over the past few weeks. A hit of NE usually follows for the weekend. All in all, not too bad for August, since this month usually sees the least amount of wind for the entire year. However, this year it has been windy! This week we experienced SW winds in the low to mid 20mph range yesterday, and today SW hovering around 30mph. I got some great use out of my 5.3m and 4.7m, though during the late afternoon pump today, I probably could have rigged down to the 4.2m. Waves were "summer time" hovering in the waist to occasional chest high range. No swell here from H Dean yet, but perhaps we will see something after a few more days. Wishful thinking!?!

PS: Given this afternoon's waves and wind...for the local crew who were out of town this week, you missed it!

GoPro Video Report: