Poll Results and New Poll Question

Poll Results:
Have you ever competed in a windsurfing event?
No, never competed: 20 votes (42%)
Vintage Racing: 9 votes (18%)
Slalom Racing: 7 votes (15%)
Wave Sailing: 6 votes (13%)

Looks like the majority of visitors have never competed in a windsurfing event. The result likely shows that non-windsurfing visitors and/or windsurfers who have not had the opportunity, or prefer to sail without being in competition voted this choice. I guess another factor may be event organization and promotion. Often events are promoted within local clubs or groups, and no large scale national or PWA events are held in the continental USA. I find this interesting given the draw of large scale kiteboarding and surfing events, even here to Hatteras. At one time though here on the OBX, we had the Hatteras Island Windsurfing Championships.

Perhaps once the Hatteras Wave Challenge launches and is on track for May 2008, the wave sailing numbers may rise while the Never Competed numbers may decline.
This week's poll asks about your preferences for motivation to hit the water. The previous post raised a number of comments about conditions and whether a session was worth it. Lets see what is important to you!