Gabrielle's OBX Visit

Gabrielle paid us a welcome visit today on the OBX. The day started with sunny skies, and warm SE winds in the 25+ mph range. I was at the Cove by 10:00am and on the water soon afterwards. It was a classic Cove setup. Clean outside waves breaking in the chest to head high range. There were a number of people in the water when I arrived, including kiteboarders and windsurfers. Lots of fun ramps for aerial acrobatics and backside riding. The set up at the Cove is unique to wavesailing on the OBX. The waves are very clean, and long swell lines march in to break at the outer bar. The wave sailing is backside, near parallel, to the wave. The swell gets big at the Cove, and by the time we finished during the early afternoon, the wind was howling near 45 mph, and the outside swell was topping 10 to 12ft. I began on the 4.7m and finished with a 4.2m rigged tight as a drum.

After the Cove session, I assumed recon duty and headed north to check conditions at Salvo Ramp, and the Boiler on Pea Island. The wind remained side-on at these spots, and I eventually found side to slightly side-off in Nags Head. The wind also backed down as I traveled north, thus I was able to sail 4.7m rigged flat at the Foam House. The surf was much smaller in Nags Head as compared to the Cove; however the current was ripping, making the trek out more difficult.
Once outside, I enjoyed a number of down the line rides on the south swell wave. However, the wind increased as the storm approached the central OBX, and I came off the water around 5:00pm.

All in all, a fun full day of wave sailing both port and starbord tack conditions along the southern and central OBX! I was also interviewed by CBS News Radio, so if you hear the broadcast, post a comment!

Stay tuned for the upcoming GoPro video report. I am still working though the Cove footage, and should have it posted soon!

A few more photos:

A view of the surf zone at the Cove

Kiteboarders and windsurfers enjoying conditions at the Cove

Gotta love the facial expression and hair mid-back loop!

A view down the line at the Cove

Gabrielle Headed Our Way, Day 1

click to enlargeTropical Storm Gabrielle is on the march towards the OBX, and is forecast to run across the islands. Saturday, we experienced some of her swell at the Hatteras Turnout between Frisco and Hatteras Village. Conditions included chest to head high set waves; however, the wind was quite light and remained in the upper teens. The kiteboarders were loving it, and the Real crew were on the water ripping. Caleb and I were the only windsurfers there, and with marginal wind it was a weak slog out with some decent wave rides.

Today (Sunday), we are expecting strong SE winds and a rare Cove Sesh! The only drawback to the Cove is that we have heard that the bull sharks are mating there at this time...May have to sail a little conservative in the waves to avoid any long gear swims?! This should be interesting.
I have both the GoPro and regular camera batteries fully charged. Stay tuned!

Here are some more photos:
(photographer: Jim Myers)
click to enlarge
Caleb on a cutback

click to enlarge
Bill dropping in

click to enlarge
Caleb with a nice bottom turn