NE and More NE!

Bill with a backside aerialSince Saturday afternoon, it has been blowing sailable NE in the mid 20mph range! I cashed in a short evening session in Nags Head this past Saturday, missed it yesterday due to lack of decent waves, and today banked at Lighthouse Beach in Buxton. Sunny skies, cool dry NE wind, warm ocean water, and a head high swell provided fun times for today's session! Caleb, Keith, Jim, and I caught it along with some surfers and a few kiteboarders. We experienced typical Lighthouse conditions with head high fairly clean set waves and strong side to side-on NE wind. Lots of wave hits, jumps, backloops, etc... all good fun during the multi-day NE wind event.

I have a bunch of GoPro footage, along with some beach side video to work though.

Tomorrow, the call is Ocracoke as we are banking on the swell finally wrapping down to that area. Charlie and Dan were down there today, and reported small but clean surf. Hopefully tomorrow, the swell will fill in down there for a chest to head high playground?!

Stay tuned for the upcoming video report showcasing action from today, and hopefully tomorrow?!

Photos of the Day: (photographers: Jim Myers and Keith McCulloch)
click any photos to enlarge

Keith with a top hit!

Bill at the bottom turn

Jim, re-entry into the soup

Keith ready to head down the line

Bill with some air time!

Jim near the peak

Keith at the top and coming back in

Bill at re-entry

Nadia flying high!

Keith sharing space with one of the surfers in the lineup