Waves Down South!

Yesterday, we were served a "winter-time" warm windy day on the OBX! The morning began with air temps in the mid-60s and strong SW winds. By mid-morning, the winds began to shift west to northwest as the front slid offshore. Skies cleared as the air temps fell; however, with water temps in the low 60s, it felt great in the ocean! Winds were strongest north, but waves were biggest south. I was off the clock for a solo Boiler session by 1:30pm; however the ocean was near completely flat. I did not photograph it, but if you have ever been to the Canadian Hole in Avon, that was about what the ocean looked like. I was quite surprised and bummed when I saw the photos from the south side. I sailed the wind (well powered 4.7m), but definitely missed the surf action! Should have keep driving south...errah!

Charlie M in the setOn the south side, overhead high set waves, and clean conditions were found at Hatteras Inlet! Charlie, Dan, and Jim were there to catch it, and from the photos it looked pretty awesome! In the search for surf, definitely the spot to be!

Photos from Hatteras Inlet:
photographer: Jim Myers