Top OBX Beach Life Photo Header of 2007

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We have rounded up the top picks of the rotating photo headers on OBX Beach Life, and want you to choose your top pick for 2007. If you see one that is not listed, vote "Other" and include the file name found by right clicking on the image and viewing "background image."
There were definitely some awesome shots provided by the local photographers, and thanks to them all for this glimpse of the 2007 OBX wavesailing action!
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Wild Windy Sunday!

BIG shorepound at the Boiler!Today, SW and then W gale force winds blanketed the OBX! Everyone was looking forward to a winter time wavesailing extravaganza; however, the ocean was in turmoil down in Avon, and though conditions looked perfect in Nags Head, the wind was too offshore, and heavily shadowed by the oceanfront buildings. I made a recon run to the Boiler on Pea Island and conditions there were pretty big. EC sees barely waist high?!  The circled object is the Boiler which normally extends about 10 feet out of the water on a calm ocean.10 to 12 ft set wave faces and a massive shore pound kept my gear dry. Plus the fact that I am green from only a few days in the water this month, and no one else present; prompted me to forgo an attempt to make it out.

Instead, I returned to Nags Head and decided to blast around in the sound at Jockeys Ridge. I began on my 3.7m while warm SW winds and rainy skies covered the area. Conditions were up and down during the morning hours; however, by 1:00pm, skies cleared, the winds shifted west, and the air temps fell. I rigged up to my 4.2m and was well juiced as winds ratcheted into the 30s! Jim M joined me for an afternoon session and we sailed until near sunset in intense yet fun soundside action. The set up was classic "big" Jockeys Ridge! Fun swell rollers and lots of whitewater provided plenty of ramps for big jumps and aerial spins!
GoPro Video Report: