Hatteras Loop Fest 2008 - A Great Success!!

Tomorrow finishes Hatteras Loop Fest 2008. The month long event ended with a phenomenal span of SW windy days! Beginning Thursday (6/26) and lasting though tomorrow (all red SW 25+mph IWS forecast), we have been blasted by perfect looping winds! Nothing like a summer time Bermuda High, especially for a Hatteras windsurfing contest!

Keith McCulloch displaying why he was crowned Loop King!  source - live2sailSaturday, we successfully ran the Hatteras LoopFest LoopOff! Ego Beach was filled with windsurfers, photographers, videographers, and spectators! It was a real windsurfing event! We had excellent wind, sunny skies, a waist to chest high inside wave, and decent loop ramps on the outside. If the outer bar would have been breaking, the event would have been perfect. We ran one "extended" free-form heat which lasted nearly an hour! All participants had an excellent time chucking tons of loops while the competition was underway.

trophy winners - source Live2sailWe wrapped up the event at the awards party hosted by Ocean Air. Trophies and prizes were awarded to the LoopOff and Commit Fest participants. It was a killer time to reminisce about the past days of strong SW wind, highlight some of the LoopOff contest moments, watch videos shot of the action, and anticipate the upcoming windy days. A great time and gathering!
See excellent LoopOff and Awards Party photo/commentary at Live to Sail.

Tim Kuth, winner of the 4.7m KA Kult donated by WindsurfDeal.com!I want to thank all the participants who signed up for Hatteras LoopFest 2008! Whether you successfully made the commit or not, being here participating really stoked the windsurfing community. For those few who successfully made the commit, your level of stoke is waaay up there, and we who helped you break the barrier are very honored and proud of your accomplishment. It definitely takes your windsurfing game to a new level of achievement and FUN!!

I have a bunch of video and photos to work though highlighting the event. Upcoming posts will focus on some of those highlights!

Also, be sure to check excellent Hatteras Loop Fest coverage at:
Live to Sail (lots of excellent photos and commentary. A must see!! Thx George and Janis!!)
Lost in Hatteras (Andy, could not have pulled this off with out you bro! Thx a million!!)

Stay tuned for more on the Hatteras LoopFest wrap up!


At 10:02 PM, Blogger Kang Boim said...

hi blog hopping here form indonesia...you have nice blog...:D :D

At 11:25 AM, Blogger Andy said...

Bill, that was a really fun event! Thanks for organizing the whole damned thing! Looking forward to more in the future!


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