Hatteras LoopFest Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of Hatteras Loop Fest 2008. We had excellent conditions with strong SW wind and perfect looping ramps. I threw more FWDs during yesterday's session than any this year. Sailed out of a few, but still have to work on not sticking my mast in the water when coming around for landing!

There were a few participants on the water yesterday, but no new "commits!" It is tough to make that first "commit," but once you clear that fin, pull in the back hand, and hang on...you will catch the bug! Steep waist high ramps are great too since you are almost guaranteed to boost the fin out of the water, and if you do not pull hard, and encounter a slow rotation (I do it all the time), you will still have enough height to completely go around and land in a water start position. Main thing though is to "hang on" to the boom no matter what!!

Also for some important tips to practice before attempting the "commit," see the Hatteras Loop Fest Preparation Tips.

I had a few inquiries about the Commit Fest, and what it is all about. There was uncertainty in the prize allocation, and after thinking about it a while, really the "Commit Fest" is not about "winning" a prize. Its about overcoming a hurdle which many windsurfers have for years. The true prize is the "Commit" itself, because if you participate in the Commit Fest and are successful, you will leave that session, where you first did the spin, with a whole new level of windsurfing confidence. You will have achieved a goal which you along with many others think they could never do. The bonus too is that FWD loops are easy! Much easier than even jibing. There are no sail flips, stance switches, or direction changes. Its simply a matter of hanging on, and enjoying the ride/spin! Once the mental "commit" hurdle is overcome, its amazing how fun and easy it is!
Heck, it took me 10 years, and looking back I really wish I would have made the "commit" much sooner!

Additionally, with the GoPro footage captured of committing participants and the upcoming LoopFest 2008 premier online video, what better way to showcase your success! Perhaps too, there will be a DVD?! Of course, there are some sweet prizes too, no matter when a commit is captured!

As for a recap of yesterday, Andy at Lost in Hatteras has a great writeup and some photos. Check it out!


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