LoopOff Saturday 5:00pm, Epic Conditions Forecast!!!

The LoopOff is on schedule for tomorrow starting at 5:00pm! The forecast looks near epic for the event! The LoopOff will run two 30 min free form heats. A 15 min "breather" between heats will also be part of the event. "Loopers Meeting" (no skippers for this event) is scheduled for 4:45pm on the beach at Ego across from Canadian Hole.

Two trucks will mark the boundaries for the competition area and a flag (Hatteras Loop Fest t-shirt) will be used to mark the start and end of each heat. Sailing will be free form and open to all LoopOff participants. Judging will be a 1 - 5 ranking per various aerial and wave spinning maneuvers. The moves noted for judging include:
- FWD Loop
- Back Loop
- Push Loop
- Wave 360
- Other (noted for any other spin-type attempted)

See the trophy post for the various award categories.

A post event awards party will be hosted by Ocean Air Saturday night starting at 9:00pm. Since it gets dark so late this time of year, we may not be off the water until 8:30pm?!

All in all, the forecast looks near EPIC for the LoopOff!! We are going to score, and should capture some awesome conditions out there!

See you in a spin!

PS: GoPros will be available for LoopOff participants to capture the rig ride action!


At 10:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am excited to see what is going to happen this week end with loop fest. What a grate forecast!!!



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