Hanna Offers Fun Surf to Wrap Up Her Visit

UPDATE: 9/8 Island Free Press had a great write up and slide show of photos from TS Hanna windsurfing/kiteboarding. Check it out!

Today, surf remained courtesy of TS Hanna. Large overhead crumbly set waves were breaking well out past the end of the Nags Head Pier. I had one of the longest wave rides I have ever experienced with a takeoff about 50 yards out past the end of Pier, riding all the way to the sand! Well over 250 yards! Perhaps you witnessed it on the pier cam video feed, or someone else with a similar ride?! It was my final wave of the day, and the ride felt like it lasted forever...what a cool feeling!

Bill B catching the lip at Lifeguard Beach Sat evening!  source:  Live2Sail blogTS Hanna has been a real ocean watersports blessing here on the Outer Banks. Beginning Labor Day weekend with fun surf at the Point/Spit and Ocracoke through to today, we have been enjoying excellent swell from Hanna. When she skirted nearby over the weekend, we had two days of some of the best wavesailing offered this year. I really love the warm water, and trunks only experienced during Hanna. It makes it easier to be more aggressive on the wave since going down actually feels pretty nice in the refreshing ocean water. I had plenty of rinses in the spin cycle, but with every one I came up smiling.

Bill B eying the lip!  source:  Live2Sail.blogspot.com
I like this shot which showcases the size of the surf I was hitting at Old Lifeguard Beach on Saturday! Gotta be aggressive this time of year! photo: Keith M/George M

Bill B bottom turn and setting up!  source:  Live2Sail
This is a nice shot too showcasing the wave setup! photo: Keith M/George M

Sad to see you go Hanna!

For all the coverage on TS Hanna, scroll down though the previous posts on this page. Additionally, see George's Live2Sail blog for some awesome photo coverage from TS Hanna's wavesailing offerings!

I also captured three 2gb discs of GoPro footage from the Cove sesh and 3.5m mayhem at Canadian Hole yesterday. Will post soon!


At 9:40 AM, Blogger PeconicPuffin said...

We all deserved it...a great storm!

Up New York way we had to crowd our entire experience of Hannah into two hours Saturday late afternoon. It was outstanding fun.

At 4:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


one of the best waves I have had was on the north side, day two!!!

At 7:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hanna brought some long awaited swell. Warm water, warm air, sunny days, and great swell...can't ask for much more. Looking forward to a great Fall here on the Outer Banks.

At 2:31 PM, Blogger Fish said...

Nice photos of the waves! Sweet, wish I could have partaken in that!


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