Hatteras Wave Fest 2008, Middle of Crazy!

Hatteras Wave Fest 2008 continues, and currently we are in the middle of crazy!! A strong tropical-type storm is raging offshore, and with the gradient compression between a high pressure to our north and this system to our southeast, the OBX is getting battered!

Latest reports are that there is no action on the southern beaches, and a few of the crew are on Ocracoke. Though soundside, the smallest sails are flying! Everyone is in "wait and see" mode for Thursday and Friday, as the forecast calls for BIG surf and E to SE winds! This sets up classic epic Cove conditions, so stay tuned?!

Though, based on this Mirlo Beach cam shot at around 3:15pm today, hopefully I as well as others coming from north of Rodanthe can get down there tomorrow?!

Mirlo Beach ocean overwash at the northern end of Rodanthe a few hours BEFORE high tide! Just out of left side camera frame is the house featured in the movie Nights in Rodanthe. That house may be a victim of the ocean before this movie goes to DVD?! photo source: Dare County webcams

Mirlo Beach ocean overwash at the northern end of Rodanthe close to high tide! Or should we call it Mirlo Inlet?! If driving though that ocean water, be sure to rinse the underside of your vehicle very well!! photo source: Dare County webcams


At 5:58 PM, Blogger Catapulting Aaron said...

Man, it's really getting served up out there!

bill, that house your selling is sweet... I used to daydream about getting something just like that... Are you moving elsewhere on the island?!

Inquiring minds want to know...

At 6:21 PM, Blogger Keith said...

see you all at the cove tomorrow!k

At 7:34 PM, Blogger Bill said...

Yea Aaron, pretty crazy out here today, but hopefully tomorrow when the wind goes more east and calms down to 4.7m juiced, we will be hitting the Cove!

Yea, the house I am selling is my rental property. Its a cool pad and a great location! I am remaining in Nags Head, but looking for a bigger pad, and then turning my current place into a rental!

At 8:05 AM, Blogger Charles said...

If it's a wave contest what are you guys doing soundside? I heard that Ocracoke was firing. 3.5 and overhead. Wish I was down there,

At 8:17 AM, Blogger Bill said...

Yep, Ocracoke definitely would have been the spot to be yesterday! I have not heard any reports from the session there, but I wonder if the outside chop was as bad as last Thursday, or if the bigger swell dampened it on the outside?!

Hopefully, Thursday and Friday pans out for the Cove. There will definitely be surf, and likely the wavesailing will be better if the wind is "lighter?!"

Who knows, maybe there will be sailable SW too on Saturday, with nice waves?!


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