Sloppy NE in Nags Head Today!

I remained in town and caught a quick afternoon session at Whalebone Junction in Nags Head. Marginal 5.3m side-to-straight onshore NE wind, sloppy onshore waves, and weather which included bands of intense rain along with dark cloudy skies was the norm. The only saving grace was the water temperature which felt balmy (around 80 degrees) as compared to the air. No photos or GoPro video today, but if you viewed the live Nags Head Pier cam feed, that is basically what it was like.

All in all, it felt nice to get wet in town, but conditions were poor. Building NE wind and swell tonight will likely create a complete mess of the Nags Head shoreline tomorrow; therefore, the 4runner is fueled, loaded, and ready to head south! Perhaps Old Lighthouse Beach?! The Avon wave crew likely caught it down there today!


At 5:50 AM, Blogger George Markopoulos said...

yeah Bill, at least you got wet! any day of sailing is a great day of sailing.

lots of wind and waves on tap for the extended period! wohoo.

see ya thursday


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