Just Looks Like So Much Fun!

UPDATE (01/29/2008): New Current Maui Airfare Widget Added
With some SW engineering, I have added a new Current Maui Airfare widget (located under Bill's OBX Poll) which showcases current prices to Maui from select US cities. Now, we can all keep track of airfare to windsurfing mecca!
If you would like see an additional city or destination, send me an email.

Well, today I am blogging from the mountains of Colorado, and will be on the slopes of Copper Mountain for the next two days. Stay tuned for a post highlighting conditions during the ski sessions here. In the mean time, I surfed some of my favorite windsurfing blogs today, and GP's (Maui Surf Report) Latest Post just made me think "ahhh...!" Sunny skies, trunks only, fun surf and great wavesailing! I cannot wait until we can shed the suits on the OBX, especially the 5/4mm coverage.

GP's post photos definitely spark interest to invest in a Maui flight. I did see a $505 ticket a few weeks ago out of BWI. Perhaps a Hatteras contingent could be out there, winter 2009?!
On a related note, does anyone know of a web site which lists "best" flight prices for a given airport? I receive special flight pricing emails, and found the Maui deal though a "logged in" Travelocity feed, but are there any that do not require a logged in account? If so, I would love to add a widget listing "Best Pricing" for flights to Maui, or other great windsurfing destinations. For those that visit this site daily, it is something that would be great to "check on."