And the Windy Stretch Continues...

Cold NE blanketed the OBX this weekend. Following Friday's 70+ degree SW excitement, the cold NE 45+ degree weekend air was not too enticing. Throw in cloudy skies and spitting rain, and it was tough to rouse the local crew into hitting it. Andy caught a session on Saturday, while I caught it today. I traveled to Izzy's Inlet on the south side to find "warm" (55+ degree) water, small surf, and bumpy outside conditions. A few Maryland sailors were on it when I arrived; however, they finished as I hit the water. I sailed solo for about 40 minutes. Not too much in the wave riding department, but some fun FWD loops on the outside. 4.7m was the call, and the new Legend felt great! All in all, some fun out there, but given the cold dreary weather, I could understand why there was a lot of traffic heading north on Rt12 from Hatteras as I was heading south.

Definitely not the best beach day! Though this time of year, you have to bring it all...wetsuits, sail sizes, boards, etc... since one day it can be 70+ degree SW while the next, NE at 40+ degrees. Looks like tomorrow and Tuesday we are back in the warm weather realm. Windy too!