OBX Loop Fest - June 2008 (Website Online!)

UPDATE: 4/9/2008
New Loop Fest primer video on the OBX Loop Fest 2008 website.
Check it out!

The website has launched for OBX Loop Fest 2008! The event will run throughout the month of June, and the goal will be for participants to "commit" to the FWD loop! The website will include online registration, featuring a robust "Bio" field for participants to include freeform data entry including perhaps a mug shot or some other photo. This site is the precursor to the Hatteras Wave Challenge, or perhaps better phrased as the Hatteras "whatever" Challenge... aka (Loop, Freestyle, Speed, Slalom, Big Air, etc...) which will feature robust online competition driven by user profile video and a complex user generated ranking system. Think of it as Facebook meets online action water, etc... sports competition!

The OBX Loop Fest is geared towards anyone who is interested in committing to the FWD loop, but requires some extra motivation. The gatherings will be informal with no specific instruction, but rather simple tips from new loop experience. Most of the benefit will come from being out on the water with others who loop. There will also be a "grand" prize for the first successful commit captured on GoPro video! GoPros will be provided for a mast mount view to capture those early commits, and video results will be posted to the website. Stay tuned for additional info once the complete website is up!

All in all, it should be a fun time for anyone interested in participating! Warm predominant SW winds and water, plus summer sunshine will make for perfect looping commit conditions. Cold brews and beach camaraderie is all part of the game as well!