Warm SW Has Returned With a Bang!

The wave crew at Ego BeachUPDATE: 04/14/2008: A few more photos added from Charles Lategano. see below!

UPDATE: 04/13/2008: Found some photos by Billy Epp
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Today SW winds ramped well into the 30s and blasted the OBX with 4.0m strength! The call today was Ego beach, and the waves were quite fun with set size ranging chest to overhead high! I ended up rigging/launching from the Old Road, and with two upwind tacks was with the crew at Ego. My truck remains semi-offline, at least for running hard on the beach sand; therefore I parked at the Old Road to ease the gear hike to the ocean. 4.7m was my size today since I did not want to risk being underpowered as happened during the last SW Ego sesh. However, today I could have easily been on the 4.2m! Regardless, the 4.7m 2008 Maui Sails Legend worked quite well, and I was able to maintain control both in the wave zone and in the air! Lots of big wave hits and delayed forwards in preparation for the Hatteras Loop Fest's "Loop Off" coming June 20-22!

All in all, bright sunshine, warm air, strong winds, nice surf, and a ton of fun!! With all the spectators on the beach today, there are bound to be some photos of the action. If I find any, I will let you know!

Keith M trying the new 2008 Aerotech Charge

Billy E with a tail slide!

Bill B with a cutback down into the wall!

Charlie M throwing some spray!

Andy M with a huge backloop!

Stewart P floating over the whitewater following a cutback!

Charles L bringing it back in! Photo: Zofia L

Caleb J and Bill B on a set! Photo: Zofia L

The playground! Photo: Zofia L

The cheering section! Photo: Zofia L