Outer Banks ORV Use Settlement Complete

The ORV use settlement was made public yesterday. For a complete wrap-up of the details see the Island Free Press's coverage. From the wavesailing perspective the biggest hurdle will be bird and turtle nesting and closures surrounding those areas. Be sure to check out the map coverages. Looks like Oregon Inlet may not have as many trucks parked out there this summer!

UPDATE: 4/22/08 James' Blog has an excellent post from the pro-enviro side. Overall, we should all be pro-enviro though responsible management...

Wavesailing Wed on Ocracoke

the crew at OcracokeWednesday, Ocracoke was the call as N winds continued to blow across the OBX! All the local crew were there along with some visiting sailors. The ferry lines were long, and it took Jim and I nearly 2 hrs to make a ferry. Though, once we made it to Ocracoke, there were super clean waves in the waist to head high range. Great size for greener sailors or those wishing to try wavesailing. The only "tough" part was the inside "no wind" area, but with some balance or a big board, it was not too bad.

Here are some photos from the day:
All photographs by Yana

Caleb J mid back loop!

Charlie M into the air!

Bill B wave aerial showing the bottom of his board!

Keith M, new mast, nice wave!

Billy E floating above the whitewater!

Emmanuel C at the lip!

Keith M breaking a mast!

Chad in the pit looking for a clean section!