Lots of Vehicles Carrying Boards!

packed lot at the Canadian Hole!This weekend, since Friday, the influx of vehicles carrying windsurfing boards has become quite noticeable. Welcome everyone!! Driving around Nags Head, at every red-light traveling south vehicles are lined up with boards on the roofs! Its that time of year for the Spring season to kick into full gear and all the Avon beach houses to be loaded with windsurfers ready to get their gear wet after a long winter. WindFest was last week, and though I missed it since I was only down south on Wednesday (the Ocracoke sesh); hopefully all attendees had a great time, especially since Day 1 of the event was windy!

As we head into the coming week, I have heard though the windsurfing grapevine that Ocean Air will be celebrating with a shop party on Tuesday night! There will be food, beer, camaraderie, and a windsurfing band! I plan to head down for the event, so hopefully see some of you there!

In other Hatteras windsurfing news, if you have not registered for Hatteras Loop Fest 2008, check out the growing list of prizes!