What I Missed!!

Following the strong low pressure which passed the OBX on Monday; Tuesday, the east facing OBX was pounded with huge surf, whitewater, and strong NNE winds. Perfect setup for the south facing side of the islands where clean side to offshore wind provided a true wavesailing experience! Izzy's Inlet and Ocracoke were the spots to be had, and most of the crew reported awesome wavesailing sessions at those locales. I chalked it up as a "Missed It!" in my calendar, and from the photos, it looks like a major missed it!

The images speak for themselves!
Photographer: Lane Du Pont
All shots from Izzy's (ocean access site just outside of Hatteras Village)

Andy and Keith sharing a line

Andy approaching the wall of white! (Note, Andy has the full report posted on his blog from the day.)

Keith at the bottom of a mast high line!

Some shots from Monday at Izzy's

Caleb ahead of the logo high pitch!

Olaf setting up for some action down the line

Rick on his way out through the pound!