Hatteras Loop Fest 2008 Almost Here!

the new LoopFest LogoHatteras Loop Fest 2008 is approaching with the aerial action to begin in June! The month will be a celebration of aerial spins with focus on the FWD Loop "commit" for those aspiring to go for it. The event phrase is Ready to Rotate?!!, and for those taking the challenge; hopefully June will be your month!

The two fixed date events include:
- The Loop Clinic, June 14 hosted by local looper, and Sailworld shop guru Andy McKinney, and;
- The Loop Off, June 20 - 22 which will be an aerial spinning extravaganza in the Outer Banks surf. FWD, back, push, whatever...if the board and rider go for an aerial spin, that is what the Loop Off is all about. Who knows, will we see a wave aerial FWD loop attempt in Hatteras? If so, this will be the event to go for it!

Ready to Rotate?!!
If so, register for the Hatteras Loop Fest today!