Updated Hurricane Forecast, Aug 5

One of the most valuable widgets in the OBX Beach Life blog, especially this time of year, is Dr. Jeff Masters Tropical Report.  His reports provide detailed analysis and information about tropical weather facing the east coast, USA.  His latest entry mentions an update to the 2008 Hurricane Season Forecast posted August 5.  Its an interesting read, and although the OBX coastline and weather seem furthest from any hint of tropical influence today; one month from now can and likely will be a completely different story.  As windsurfers, and specifcally those of us eying the next wind and wave combo, the latest forecast is "good news" for us.  Additionally, with the approaching Hatteras Wave Fest 2008 (Sept 15 - 29), the festival window falls nearly right at the peak of the tropical season.  Of course we do not want a Cat 2 or 3 making landfall on the OBX during the main event week; however, something spinning offshore, or rolling by near us is completely welcome!
source: weather underground