Finally... A Little Action!

It was not much, but yesterday afternoon an unusual predominant E wind blanketed the OBX and provided plenty of 5.3m power at the Spit last night! The weather was the worst of the entire summer with spitting rain and cool air temps, but the Cove water felt like a warm bath. Conditions included small point break surf where the waves were wrapping from Cape Point into the Cove. Outside, large clean swell rollers provided plenty of bump and jump. Keith, Dan, and I caught it, and I remained to close the session. All in all, not too bad, though if there were a south swell, it would have been really exciting! Though, we will take it for mid-August since there has been nothing in the way of wind or waves for a while.
Frisco Pier meter Aug 13.  source:  iWindsurf

Today, and through the remainder of the week, we are expecting decent surf from the departing low pressure system which produced the wind yesterday. The beach cams and surf reports are all looking great! Time to break out the surf board!

No photos or video from yesterday. Weather was nasty, and there was nothing too exciting to capture. Stay tuned though, with this surf in town, perhaps I will capture some GP surfing footage.