On the Eve of TS Hanna's Arrival

source:  NOAA NHCTS Hanna is set to visit the OBX over the coming weekend. Beginning tomorrow, we will see wind and surf increasing as the storm approaches. The Cove is the call, likely providing some of the best wavesailing conditions found on the OBX! Perhaps a setup similar to last year's TS Gabrielle with more easterly wind this time. The storm also will arrive to our west after nightfall, providing hopefully a full day of epic sunny Cove conditions! Saturday may be squally with intense rain/wind and clouds as the storm passes; however, as it moves off and conditions stabilize the east beaches may offer up a side-off juiced SW/NW playground! All in all, stay tuned for the after action report which will include photos and GoPro/beachside video! All camera batteries are charging now!

In other news, I am psyched to make the cover of the Sept issue of New England Windsurfing Journal! Its my first cover shot in print format, and the exposure is very cool! Thanks NEWJ! Also, check out the latest issue of Windsurfing Magazine for June LoopFest coverage! Over at Live2Sail, George's wife Janis sent me a "Memories" photo book from the June LoopFest! Absolutely an amazing gift, with some excellent photography to provide many years of memories from my experience on the water during the inaugural Hatteras Loop Fest! Thanks Janis!!

Oh and one last piece of news...my 2009 MauiSails Legends have arrived just in time for Hanna!! Time for bed...goodnight!