Fun Opening FreeForm Expression Session!

We had excellent wind and fun waves for the Hatteras Wave Fest 2008 opening FreeForm Expression Session! The sesh was at East Point in Buxton. The wind and waves were rolling in side to side-onshore producing "looplicious" ramps both back and FWD! Backside wave riding was the call with some open sail down the line hits possible! Waves ranged in the chest high range and were crumbly and well spaced. Excellent conditions for some of the ocean beginners participating in the festival. 5.0m range sails were the call in the 25+ mph NE wind.

Tomorrow, we again have a strong wind forecast! Likely the waves will build. No call yet on tomorrow's FreeForm session, but it may be back at East Point?! Stay tuned to the OBX Beach Life forum for where the action will happen tomorrow!

No photos today, but have some video! Be sure to check out Live2Sail as George will be blogging from here in Hatteras and will have some excellent photos, video, and commentary!