What I Missed!!

Well, if you live on the OBX or were here visiting this week, you likely have had enough rain brought by the recent coastal storm to last for quite a while. Pouring showers Tuesday, Wednesday, and half of today flooded much of Avon and brought Rt 12 to a crawl. It has been quite windy though with 3.7m conditions over the past two days (Andy's got some nice reports from Avon), and 5.5m wind today near Oregon Inlet! Unfortunately for me, I missed it all! I was out searching/road sailing over the past few days; however, lack of enthusiasm to go solo in Nags Head with pouring rain and 35+ mph wind (Tues and Wed), along with enticing wind/decent side to offshore wave conditions, yet gray skies, spitting rain, and solo on a battered beach south of Oregon Inlet (today) kept my gear dry.

All in all, if only the weather would have been inviting?! Though, Fall miserable weather is much better than Spring. At least this time of year, the ocean water remains relatively warm!

Oh well, SW is forecast to return this weekend. Whether windsurfing or surfing, I am definitely getting wet!

PS: I only have one week left! Lauren and I will be joining the ranks of joyful parents very soon!! I may be missing a few upcoming windsurfing sessions?! : )

Mid-loop during a recent 3.7m sound-side session at Windmill Pt in Nags Head. Definitely not the past few days though...there is blue sky in this photo!