I'm a Dad!!!

Noah Ryder Bell was born Thursday, Nov 13 at 8:15am!! What an experience, and one for life. The little guy came to us with no problems and Mom and he are doing great. Though Mom still has some pain in her abdomen from the c-section delivery. I have been spending the past 24+ hours in the hospital, and came home today for a few hours to check in at home, and get some photos out to family and friends. Of course a blog post too!

Noah was born on a SE windy day, and though I missed it (waiting to read the Cove report?!), along with likely the SW forecast for tomorrow..., his arrival makes the windsurfing "Missed It" in the calendar totally worth it! In his calendar, it was a total epic session for me!!

All in all, a quick post that all is well and Lauren and I look forward to the coming days, weeks, months, and years ahead! Thanks again to all the support from everyone. Its a magical moment!

Mom and Dad patiently waiting for the little one!

Hey Noah, nice diaper! Dad will become an expert changing those!?!

A family photo!

Son and Dad!