How Many Days Until Your Arrival?!

UPDATE: 1/17/2009 The Blog Headers for 2008 have been archived and new 2009 headers have been added. Stay tuned as more are added throughout the year!

April is approaching along with the start of the Spring 2009 Hatteras windsurfing season. March will see some early arrivals; however, the season kicks into full swing in April. May is also a strong month with more favorable wind and water conditions (warmer) and is often the time for the second visit from regional windsurfers. By June, its back to summer style and the hope for as many Bermuda Highs as possible!

If you are coming down, be sure to check out some of the gear I have for sale this year. There are some excellent deals on some excellent gear, the creme dela creme! Over the weekend, I set up the photo viewer software seen on many other windsurfing sites such as the Kev and Matt's blog, and the Cabo Verde event site. Its a nice little piece of open source SW that is easy to set up and makes for easier photo viewing across OBX Beach Life. The viewer has been implemented in Gear for SALE located in the right side bar. Simply click on the image to launch the viewer. For ease of navigation, use the following keyboard keys: n - next, p - previous, c - close viewer.

I implemented the viewer on the most recent blog posts along with the 101 instructional posts. All future posts will include the viewer. As a SW engineer by trade, I love open source!


At 8:57 PM, Blogger Aaron said...

I'm hoping to head down first or second week of March. Hard to believe spring is almost here...finally!


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