Heavy Snowfall on the OBX and a New President Today!

the 4runner covered in snow!Today we welcome our new President, Barack Obama. Congratulations America! Washington DC, though cold welcomed the new President with sunny skies and no adverse weather. Travel south and east of DC however, and Old Man Winter's white stuff falls in blizzard-like strength!

Here on the OBX it's full on blizzard snow fall out there today. Gale force N winds are blowing snow all over the place, and I am sure there is some drifting out on the beaches. We do not have snow plows or salt trucks on the OBX, therefore, drivers on the bypass are at the mercy of the inexperienced person in the vehicle ahead, behind, or beside them. Recommendation number one...if driving from Kitty Hawk to Nags Head, take the Beach Road!

My post quantity has been lacking lately due to well, cold weather and conditions below the "100 Rule" threshold. Though Andy has been hitting it with his cold weather gear and determination! He definitely has to remain primed for his visit to Maui coming up in March! Lucky dog!! : ) I however, will be reserved to swim laps at the YMCA and catch bike rides in and around Nags Head Woods to prime me for the upcoming Spring season.

Though perhaps an upcoming post will report sledding conditions at Jockey's Ridge?!