Its Been A Cold Winter!

I guess I do not have to tell this to all the US east coast blog readers, but even here on the OBX, our Gulf Stream warm water influence has been all but offline this year. Yesterday, we again had a dusting of snow, and today freezing air temps have patches of ice formed on my hot tub cover! Though, its been windy, there has been a price to pay with the cold air temps!

Last night, I took a trip down OBX Beach Life's memory lane using the calendar widget in the top right hand side bar. Checking 2008, we had a complete opposite winter from this year. I sailed a number of days last year and only wore a cap once! Booties and gloves were not even part of the winter wardrobe as we had many 70 degree windy SW days! Water temps were consistent between this year and last, but what a radical difference in air. I guess its "climate change" in action?!

Well, looking forward its March and the long-term WindGuru forecast shows a string of warm mid-60s SW coming. Hopefully, our final 2009 OBX dip below freezing is today.