Spin Loopin At JRidge!

Sometimes, it can be fun to chase the wind, especially if there is surf firing as well; however, yesterday I decided to remain close to home. Avon wind meters were running light, though there was some surf down there, and I did not want to go road sailing on a sunny 70 degree SW day in March. I decided to remain in Nags Head since the Jockey's Ridge meter held the top of the IWS meter list all afternoon. Juiced 5.3m SW was the call, and I had sailing partners with some of the VA beach crew down to join the fray.

Yesterday was all about the spin loop. Looping in the sound, without nukin wind and big air opportunities for plenty of maneuvering area, requires a commitment downwind. In general, soundside ramps run directly parallel with the wind requiring a slight upwind turn to jump, especially when wind speeds are not 4.7m and down. Yesterday, the powered 5.3m wind was a perfect example of this setup. Therefore, loop success came from turning downwind, nearly into a jibe, then popping the board to clear the fin, and SPIN! Landing is a big splash with feet in the straps and a clean sail away! Works like a charm, and even in the lulls it felt great to simply hang onto the booms and spin the rig, even if the board did not follow. The key being, hanging on no matter what, and going for the ride.

Fun times!