Wavesailing at the Washout AGAIN!!

Update: photos and short video from sesh added!

Wow!!! Another day of awesome wavesailing at the Washout. The swell that rolled in yesterday held again today and produced excellent long line DTL wavesailing. My arms were burning with nearly every wave as I had more bottom/top turns that I could count! The setup was classic Washout with action firing on both the northern and soutern sandbars. I sailed the northern bar where chest + sized crumbly set waves peeled right providing deep lip hits in the critical sections and tons of turns. Definitely in the top three wavesailing days for me this year!

Conditions at the Washout are very dependent upon the tide. About 1 hour after low tide lasting for about 2 hrs has been the perfect window. Today I made a deliberate effort to be there at the right time, and it was a major score! SSW wind hovered in the mid/upper 20s providing plenty of juice on the 5.3m. Sunny skies and warm water were icing on the cake! Only down side, is that I can not show you the action.

I had the chest mount GP Wide with me; however, the batteries died during the sesh. I thought I at least captured 20 or 30 minutes of footage; however, I only captured 2 min. It was enough for the launch off the beach, heading out into the surf zone, and one big FWD. Unfortunately, no wave riding. Bummed too since I had some killer rides I was hoping to share with you!

Oh well, perhaps tomorrow?! Low tide at Oregon Inlet will be around 2:30pm. That means the Washout will be firing from about 3:00pm until 5:00pm! If winds are SSW again (as its been all week), definitely check it out! If its light wind, bring a surfboard or standup! I believe its definitely one of the best OBX spots this year given the excellent sand bars which clearly identify the takeoffs. The predominant SSW wind this Spring also makes for perfect direction at the Washout as well.

Next sesh I will definitely have fresh batteries installed!

Here are a few pics from the Washout yesterday. The wave shots definitely do not give the on the water experience justice since no one is out to give perspective. Though, those waves are definitely FUN!

The short GoPro Wide video report:

If you have trouble viewing the video, see direct link.