Heavy Rain, Clouds... Nasty at the Lighthouse

However, the water was warm!

Yesterday NE wind blanketed the southern OBX and Old Lighthouse Beach was the call. Ominous rain clouds surrounded the area, and during the sesh we were dumped on a few times by heavy rain. Conditions at Old Lighthouse Beach included a building N swell. During the first half of the session, the waves were kind of small and disorganized; however, later in the afternoon, the swell began to organize with action inside as well as breaking mountains of water on the far outer bar. It was a fun time though I am suffering from a fairly bad cold. The warm ocean felt nice though to flush me out while on the water. However, I felt like crap last night and again this morning?!

There were a number of local and visiting sailors out on the water. Graham Ezzy remained in town and caught it, though conditions were definitely a complete opposite of this past Saturday's sesh. All in all though, not bad for a Hatteras extended weekend for Graham's short trip down, as well as any others who caught it!