Found a New Wave Spot!

Yesterday, a rare Spring-time SE wind event hit the OBX. The wind blew strongest over the southern beaches with Frisco reading mid to upper 20 mph wind most of the day. Avon also had decent wind with lots of juiced up windsurfers at the Canadian Hole, sailing on a reach towards Frisco! Points further north experienced less wind.

Oceanside, SE usually means drop everything and head to the Cove. However, access to the Cove is now restricted thus, we had no way to get there other than sailing around Cape Point. Its been done in the past, but with restricted beach area all along the Cove, you are not even allowed to come ashore, so it could be dicey sailing there given shifty winds and unpredictable conditions.

The next best option to the Cove on SE wind is anywhere north of Oregon Inlet. Unfortunately the wind just did not fill in with consistency up north so all of the southern crew remained south. I headed out around 2:00pm and checked a number of northern spots including, Jennette's Pier in Nags Head, Coquina Beach, Oregon Inlet, and The Washout.

The Washout had an excellent crumbly chest high+ wave breaking on the northern and southern bars, however the wind was light. I was tempted to go, but I decided to remain dry given the light wind. Next I drove back to Coquina Beach, engaged the 4WD and hit the sand. I drove south along the beach and eventually found an excellent outside break located about 1 mile north of the Oregon Inlet Beach access.

The break was quite far out and lining up nicely given that high tide was approaching. Around 4:40pm the wind began to pick up and sand starting blowing across the beach. I rigged 5.3m with the 76 Quatro and headed out. The SSE wind was near straight sideshore and there was plenty of wind off the beach and on approach to the wave zone. Though once past the wave zone, the wind shut down. It was a odd experience since normally its light inside and windier on the outside. The conditions yesterday were the complete opposite. With this scenario, it was difficult to stay upwind, and I was out for only a short sesh, as I had to be back home by 6:00pm.

All in all, it was a fun sesh for the jumps and few wave rides I had, though definitely have to check this spot again, given the outside breaking surf near high tide. Though since it is remote, likely I will usually be solo there, except for perhaps some surf fishermen. This place will remain the "secret spot!"

No photos, as I forgot my camera yesterday. I did shoot GoPro Wide, but have yet to check it out. I don't expect anything too exciting though since the wind was light most of the session, and though I caught a few waves, given the light outside, it was difficult to get to the best takeoff spot. Perhaps next time?!