When the Wind is Light... Though More Hatteras Wave Jam Action!

Well, it has not been "windless" on the OBX, at least at Jockey's Ridge over Memorial Day weekend. Upper teens with gusts into the low 20s was found there nearly every afternoon since Friday. I stopped by JRidge during the late afternoon on Saturday to find a packed parking lot with cars lined all the way out past the entrance gate! Tons of kiteboarders and a few windsurfers along with many soundside beach goers. I guess since JRidge was the only windy spot on the islands, everyone congregated there! I did not sail as the wind was a little below my threshold; however, anyone on the islands for the long weekend who scored there with the right kit (windsurfing or kiteboarding) must have had a great time!

For me, it was a weekend of cookouts and beach camps. We had the grill fired up nearly every night along with Carolina pork barbecue the past few nights. Great eats, but according to Lauren, its back to "beans and rice" I believe?!

Along with the outdoor activities, during this light wind phase we are experiencing, I have added a new feature to OBX Beach Life. Its a Twitter feed located in the right column below the Facebook badge. I decided to try Twitter for its ease in posting quick messages and photos via mobile devices. With Twitter, I can post beach reports quickly and easily on location. The OBX Beach Life Forum remains the primary tool for session announcements. Twitter will complement the forum posts by allowing quick notes/updates before, during, and after sessions. When its blowing and there are waves breaking, I usually want to be on the water ASAP! A quick Twitter post of text and/or photo is fast, easy, and available to anyone who wants to follow the feed, or see it on this blog!

Additionally, the HWFS Hatteras Wave Jam T-shirt is now on sale online! Could/Can not make it for Jam, perhaps you simply need another shirt for a friend or loved one, or its just a rad shirt and you want one?! Check out the merchandise page on the event web site for complete details and online ordering!

Hatteras Wave Jam Action!
We have had the photos under wraps for a week, and the print mags chose their selections. What remained were some sweet pics of the sesh that will give you a feel for being there! Only thing missing in these pics was the BBQ (seen it a previous post)!
Photographers: Janis Markopoulos and Lane DuPont

For more on the HWFS Hatteras Wave Jam 2009, see the event web site!