Waves and Thunderstorms!

We were all excited about Friday's forecast conditions. Strong SW winds, and leftover swell from a low pressure system spinning in the north Atlantic. Friday arrived, and winds ramped up into the upper teens/low 20mph range across the islands. The surf was relatively small, except for one spot where it was breaking quite nicely averaging waist with chest high set waves. Ramp 30 between Avon and Waves was the call. Ken K and I caught it for about 45 minutes. It was tough, but I had to come in snap some pics and contact the wave crew reporting conditions. Powered on the 5.3m and my "big" 88ltr board, outside sets were easily distinguishable and the tide was on our side with low passing during the early evening. Lots of fun DTL wave riding on the relatively mushy setup with some critical sections on the larger sets. Unfortunately, a huge swath of nasty weather approached from the west, and actually killed the wind. A few local and visiting wave seekers joined us; however, the sweet spot time period was caught by only Ken and I. By 5:30pm lightning flashed in the skies west and south of us, and everyone packed it up. Bummer too since the wavesailing window was so short and we have not had a decent SW side-off day since June 5!

Oh well, still patiently awaiting that elusive strong Bermuda High setup?!