Well, Gotta Pass on TS Danny for Punta San Carlos, Baja!!

Tomorrow, I will be traveling across country, and Saturday heading south via small single engine plane to one of the top wavesailing destinations in the world!! Punta San Carlos, Baja Mexico is calling and all fingers are crossed for a memorable wavesailing adventure with lots of sick lip hits and aerial action! I am about 50% packed, but have my trusty list which includes everything from sunblock to GoPros. 50 lbs is the limit for the small plane flight, but I think I can manage.

Here on the OBX, all eyes are on TS Danny and his approach over the next few days. Also on the eve of Danny's arrival, I hope those here on the OBX score with wind to complement the awesome surf again this week/weekend! If I was not PSC bound, I would definitely NOT be vacating the OBX with the potential action brewing over the coming days. For those of you who can make it out here, I highly recommend you leave now for Hatteras! Summer wavesailing on the OBX is the absolute closest conditions we get to tropical paradise, aka Maui, and this is the precise time of year to take full advantage of the unique island wavesailing set up we have here. Remember, side-off conditions can be found anywhere on this stretch of islands, given the orientation which make these island so unique on the US east coast!

If you are on the fence...pack up and get out here!! Bring a surfboard or standup too!!