Punta San Carlos, Day Five

Finally, some planing conditions! Though, not the juiced 5.0m for fully wound up sailing; however, it was nice to feel the straps on the feet! Unfortunately, the surf was quite small yesterday so though we had some wind, the wave size only peaked around waist to occasionally chest high. All in all though, everyone had fun out there running what looked like a slalom course in front of the SoloSports camp.

The H Jimera threat has subsided and we awoke this morning to hot sunny skies again. Small surf remains out there, though the marine layer on the horizon will hopefully spark up the wind this afternoon??!!

I have kind of locked into the "beer thirty" clock where if there is no wind by 3:30pm, the first beer is opened! Though, I wait until around dinner time for one of Neil's excellent Baja margaritas!